A Barbie-themed birthday party always sets little hearts on fire with excitement.  There is just something about Barbie that reaches out to generations of kids everywhere.  She has a huge impact on how we view femininity and had come to symbolize beauty, charm, grace, strength, independence and an idealized life-style that kids aspire to.  Moms who grew up adoring Barbie and her equally beautiful friends will enjoy planning the best Barbie party ever. 


Birthday Party Theme - Barbie



For starters, the invitations can contain pictures of Barbie and Ken for all the girls and boys invited to the birthday party.  You can download free cliparts from many sites in the web, or you can download our invitation printables.  You can add some glitter, ribbons, sequins or perfume to the invitation card, because that's the trademark of Barbie -- dainty, carefree, feminine!  You can invite the guests to bring their own Barbie dolls or even come dressed up in Barbie doll-like costumes.


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gallery/barbie party invitations



Lots of light and shiny gossamer pink and dreamy pastels!  Lavender is in too, and any color that can be cast into light, cheerful hues.  The birthday balloons should ideally be of these colors to achieve the look and feel of Barbie's world, and even the tablecloths, streamers, posters and other party paraphernalia.  You can arrange the tables with a bouquet of balloons of these myriad of colors, with sequins and glitters randomly peppering every corner of the tabletops.  


For boys not to be intimidated and uncomfortable in the middle of all these girlie decors, infuse some of the decorations with the more masculine or dark colors like lavender with light blues.  Decorate the birthday party venue with posters of Ken and other male characters.





Set the party mood by having fun Barbie music play in the background.  You have options for Barbie movie soundtracks or Barbie herself singing groovy tunes.

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Barbie Birthday Party Saloon 


This is where your cute party guests can have their nails painted, their faces brushed, painted or tattooed with safe hypoallergenic paints, or have their hair braided, ribbonned or made up in every special way.  The same with boys, their hands, arms and faces can be painted with masculine masks or tattoos, and their hair done with hair gel and boyish accessories.


The saloon can have a full-length mirror and chairs to simulate the saloon/parlor look, with "hairdressers" or "manicurists" on standby to pamper the guests. 


As an alternative, you can simply provide the supplies without the personnel, and let the guests do their own decorating by themselves.  You can even make a contest out of their own efforts and award the "most beautiful Barbie" or "handsomest Ken" with prizes later.


Barbie Birthday Party Jewelry-Making


Prepare lots of beads, sequins, strings and watch the guests happily craft their own jewelries that they can later take home. You can also group them into teams if you have a mind to make a contest out of this totally fun and engrossing birthday party activity.  


Barbie Birthday Party Game - Barbie's Lipstick


Blindfold a guest and let her hold a lipstick in her hand.  Let another guest ("Barbie")  stand firm in front of the blindfolded one.  Instruct the one in blindfold to put on the lipstick in Barbie's lips.  The rest of the guests should shout instructions to the blindfolded girl to position the lipstick accurately at "Barbie's" lips.  The one who paints the lipstick most accurately gets a price together with "Barbie".  


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gallery/barbie jewelry-making



There are an endless source of ideas for the Barbie party loots and favors.  But the best source of these ideas is your own birthday party kid!  If he or she loves Barbie that much, let him/her join in choosing the party favors.  You probably would expect that his/her selection would include stickers, toys, hair ornaments, costume jewelries, and the like.  But you could also include more practical ones like school supplies.  Don't forget the sweets and candies.  And keep the color motif in mind -- it should be pinks, lavenders and in predominantly pastels colors.

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If you're invited to a Barbie-themed birthday party, or tasked to buy a gift for a Barbie-loving birthday kid, shopping for that perfect and special gift could be an enchanting walk in the park. Why not?  This is Barbie we're talking about.  All the merchandise that was ever created about her comes in frilly, charming and beautiful sizes, shapes and forms.  


It would help a lot if you also know the birthday kid yourself, so you are familiar with his or her preferences. He or she may be a Barbie-loving person, but what other facet of him or her would be delighted by what gift?  If the birthday kid, for example, loves science, choose a gift that has Barbie in a science concept! The more personalized the gift, the more it will be appreciated by the receiver.

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